Come on down, Kerrey Madler!

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This time in Report Card, the randomly chosen writer is Kerrey Madler. So let’s see if she practices what she preaches.

REPORT CARDS – Kerrey Madler’s Reality Check

6:30 am
I’m not a morning person, so I need motivation to get out of the warm, cozy comfort of my bed. So I think of miso soup and soy milk, yum. While water boils for miso soup, I squint at the list of freezer stuff on the fridge door. I think I’ll thaw the All-around turkey burgers for dinner. I drink my miso with two cubes of tofu and pepper added, and scarf down a banana. While the soy milk is heating up in the microwave, I throw on some clothes for work. I add multigrain Cheerios, a store brand cause it’s cheaper, to my soy milk, and grab a frozen entre’e (Taj Gourmet Chicken Tandoori with Vegetables),a bottle of frozen iced tea, a fruit yogurt cup and an orange for lunch, grapes for snacking.

8:00 am
I power-walked to work from the train station for 20 minutes and my runners squeak on the tile floor. There’s a cafe’ in the building, and I buy a tall latte with milk and sugar, and grab a small blueberry muffin to snack on later.

The nutman came around, so I buy a package of pistachios and chocolate chip cookies from him. And I scoop some orange juice concentrate I’ve kept in the fridge at work straight from the container to my mouth.

Why didn’t the printer work, I don’t get it. The manual doesn’t help at all. I mull over the printer and layout problems as I heat my Taj Gourmet entre’e in the microwave. (Chicken and veggies in a tangy tomato sauce with brown rice and peas.) My iced tea is partially melted, and I sip the liquid. Fruit yogurt and orange polished off, I head for my walk with my powerwalk buddies, Claire and Rina. It’s 2 blocks to their office building, and 4 miles to the parliament grounds and back.

Ah, the pleasures of afternoon tea. If only I didn’t have to do that layout over. The iced tea is mostly melted, and the cold liquid is soothing. I go for a stretch in the ladies’ washroom and come back to savor my blueberry muffin, green seedless grapes and a V8 I bought from the convenience store.

Worked overtime to get work done before deadline. I don’t like heavy dinners, but I make sure they’re balanced just the same. The turkey burgers go between whole wheat slices of bread melted with a pile of grated Cheddar cheese. While the burgers are cooking in the microwave, I get some frozen peas, fresh broccoli florets, cans of beans, corn kernels and tomato paste and a scoop of couscous for dinner. I use a lot of olive oil, garlic for my vegetable concoctions. Dinner is interrupted by a phone call from a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. Josh and I plan to take a walk and lunch together tomorrow.

I watch tv snacking on almonds, a peach, baby carrots and a slice of berry pie. I take Squibbles, my pooch, out for a walk, check my mail and email, and brush my teeth. Then I pick up a book and read till 11:00pm or so before catching some zzzs.

Report Card
Our in-house R.D. Heather Simmons-McKinnon gives Kerrey’s diet a passing grade. Overall, this one day in Kerrey’s eating life is a picture of balanced nutrition, but she gets a bit less calcium than she needs. Kerrey is 22 and needs at least 1 000 mg of calcium a day. Kerrey is getting somewhere around 900 mg.

But she gets high marks elsewhere: Kerrey gets more than 200 percent the recommended dietary intake for vitamins A, Bs, C and E with servings of fruits and vegetables all day. She also gets a good dose of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. She’s getting enough zinc from the nuts, and she gets lots of iron and enough fat and cholesterol for health from a combination of nuts, raw fruit and veggies, whole grains and indulgences.

Kerrey’s physical activity leaves room for indulging in berry pie, chocolate chip cookies and lattes with milk. Kerrey’s total calorie intake is around 1500 calories after subtracting the ones she spent on exercise. Kerrey can boost her calorie intake by eating a heartier breakfast or a bigger dinner.

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