How to get paid on the Internet and magazines in print

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I have a few tips about HOW to sell those articles to magazines. First of all, buy all the magazines for writers. For example: The Writer, or Poets & Writers, Writer’s Digest, and other trade journals. You can find these in the magazine and news section of any bookstore. Start reading these gems, so that you can sell what you write.

You should also peruse pages just like these pages at this web site, so that you become familiar with what is out there. See what publishers are buying. Are they interested in free verse more than fixed verse? (That is a no-brainer) Are the publishers looking for short plays? Find out what new contests are over the next horizon. There is a treasure trove to be discovered here. You will get tips on writing of course, but there is much, much more. You will learn where to sell specialized articles. You can find addresses of hundreds of magazines like golf magazines, bowling magazines, Internet magazines, etc.

Don’t be afraid of email. Why? This is for the simple fact that the best job sources are usually newsletters and newsgroups for writers. To get a detailed list of these, subscribe to the last issue of The Write Site and immediately you will be sent the latest newsletter with thousands of jobs and countless writing lists, including job listings for writers.

Also, the Internet is another source of many publishers. Do many Internet searches for poetry publishers, prose publishers, magazines. **Always be sure to check additional web sites at the bottom of the search window.**

Before submitting, familiarize yourself with the ezine or magazine. Also read some of the content before submitting. This is possibly the most important thing that any writer must do. Pay very careful attention to the guidelines. Word count, deadlines, and query information MUST be followed to the letter.

Should I be giving away all these tips? Why, of course, we are fellow writers! Now start clicking those keys, guys:)

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