My Pal Mickey, Part 2

February 23rd, 2012 · No Comments ·

I decided to take Mickey for a ride on the Tower of Terror. While entering the queue, the two Cast Members working chuckled, “Oh, he likes this ride. He will have plenty to say after exiting it!” This really built up my anticipation, as I could hardly wait to hear his response. I had seen postings on the Internet as to what his reaction might be, but I wanted to hear it firsthand.

After exiting, sure enough… Mickey was chattering away! I won’t divulge his exact words, though. For that, you will have to have your own Pal Mickey. I can’t spoil all the fun, now can I?!

As Mickey and I continued touring MGM Studios, his witty quips, funny jokes, and cute games kept me entertained through out the day. I found him to be a welcome addition to my vacation. He provided a new, different level of “fun” and “magic” to my trip. I found myself anxiously awaiting his next word. And I liked the attention he garnished from others. I genuinely found him to be exciting.

The next morning, with sadness I returned My Pal Mickey to the Zawabi Marketplace. This time, however, I was not eagerly waiting for the store to open. I did not want to part with my newfound friend. The Cast Member on-duty also seemed surprised by the transaction, commenting, “we don’t get too many of these back.” She had to review her notes to process the transaction. Sure, I could have kept him. After all, he was essentially paid for. But after much debate, I decided I could always rent him again on a future trip. It could be something to look forward to.

So, here are the my final thoughts:

* He is a relatively inexpensive gadget that will keep the young and young-at heart entertained and delighted. At only $8 a day (if you choose to rent him), he can be a great way to pass time in the queues, teach newbies a bit about the park they are touring, and provide a little extra magic.
* He will definitely be noticed. After all, he is Mickey Mouse! Since he is a new-fangled gizmo, others will look-on to see what he is, how he works, etc. Expect people to comment about him and to ask you questions.
* He has a lot to say. With over 700+ phrases programmed into this small plush Mouse, he doesn’t ever seem to be at a loss for words!


* Although the rental process, itself, was simple, I would like to see some improvements. Waiting to rent him at the beginning of my park-touring day (from the resort gift shop) slowed me down in my touring strategy.

I typically start my day very early and end it around 9 PM or so. I would love to see a plan where you can “rent” him the night before – at the shop’s closing time then return him at closing time the following night.

This perhaps, is not something that would work out ideally for everyone. But with my individual plans, this would have been a great bonus.
* He comes equipped with a “belt clip” to fasten him to your belt for easy handling. However, he did not stay fastened to the clip. I would like to see some sort of lanyard-type, neck harness for easy portability. Also, with his low-volume, having him at waist-height made him difficult to hear. I constantly found myself picking him off my belt clip and raising him to my ear. Eventually, I carried him in my hands for more ease in usage.

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