My Pal Mickey, Part 3

February 23rd, 2012 · No Comments ·

General information:

* Renting him: “Rent him today, return him by 12:00 noon the following day for $8 (plus tax).” You can rent him for additional days, for additional money. You are charged (via credit card) for $50.00 upfront at the time of rental. If you don’t bring him back – you have “bought him.”

Otherwise, you have to know how much you desire to pay for renting him – based on the posted days vs. cost chart at the rental/purchase location. You will also be responsible for ensuring he is brought back at the proper time as to not incur any additional charges that you were not intending on. For example, had I returned Mickey on Day 2 at 3:00 PM, I would have paid for another day’s rental. In short, know ahead of time how long you plan to keep him, so you can see what is most cost-effective in terms of buying vs. renting.

* You can outright purchase him for $50. He is then yours for keeps! No worries about rental return times, as he is yours.
* Do not get him wet!
* He does have an on/off switch located inside him. You will have to “unzip” him to locate this switch.
* He is available at select resort and park gift shops.

* Keep him facing forward (nose upfront) when entering a park and touring with him. This is how he “receives” information about his location.
* Enjoy him. He is new and exciting. So take some time and just “play!”

Hopefully this will give you a little preview on this charming little toy. And may you experience some magic of your own, maybe with your own Pal Mickey in tow.

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