No time to exercise!

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I have no time to exercise and eat right because I work two jobs. What can I do?

It’s hard to change your eating habits. I found success by creating one new habit every week. Once you are done, you need to keep monitoring yourself so you do not lapse into old eating habits!

Never skip meals! When you do, you may tend to impulse and binge eat.

Schedule exercise into your day and have sneakers available for a quick walk during your break.

One thing that I notice is that when people think of working out, they think that it all has to happen at one instance. A lot of people go to the gym and spend hours there. Remember that a day has 24 hours and your body is going to benefit from exercise whether you spread it out or whether you do it all at once. So you could probably wake up and stretch in the morning before hitting the shower, do crunches before going to bed, and somewhere in between the day sneak a jog. Here’s something else too. Rather than running once a day for thirty minutes, you could run twice a day for ten or fifteen minutes. Although obviously one does not replace the other, it’s better than no exercise at all. The idea is to get your body moving and you’ll see the results over the long run. Trust me. One last thing, pick exercises or activities that will keep you motivating. If jogging or swimming is not your thing, get together with some friends from work and go walk a trail or hike a hill or something. Just because you’re not doing a conventional exercise, it doesn’t mean your body is not working out. The more fun you make your routine, the more likely you’ll be able to stick with it, in spite of the time issue. Good luck with everything and stay motivated.

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