Reframing Member Services Through Change, Part 1

July 17th, 2012 · No Comments ·

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.
– Alfred North Whitehead

In this age of change, you need to prevent stagnation in your club. Industry leaders are constantly changing, creating new products and services, and enhancing their existing ones. Even the best ideas, if not challenged, can become constraints. Changing the way you think about your products and services is essential to prevent obsolescence.

Take the recent trend of combining cardiovascular equipment with group exercise classes. Put machines in a group setting with music and a trained instructor and, voilá, a new program has expanded the use of cardiovascular equipment and group exercise sessions. How do people come up with new products and services that are often just a small tweak to the original product? It is done through mind reframing.

A good way to develop mind reframing is to have a brainstorming session during a staff meeting where no idea is judged inappropriate. To add a twist to the brainstorming process, use a metaphor to help the group think creatively about new ways to expand your business. The following example, using an Einstein metaphor to evaluate member services through reshaping time, space and mass, can provide a challenging way to open traditional mindsets.


How does time affect your products and services? How can you reshape the different aspects and implications of time for your members? Take one of your products or services and find a way to save time with it. One of the most precious commodities is time, so the question could be changed to ask, how could you create more time with your services?

Think about your members. What value could be added to your membership services that would give members more time? Think about yourself. What service or product could be changed or added that would give you more time?

Some service ideas could include valet car fill-ups, oil changes, washing and waxing services, dry cleaning and ATMs.

Also, programs or incentives could be developed to increase the flow of members during your club’s down times. One type of incentive is offering discounted memberships for club use during non-peak hours. Another idea could be non-resident memberships with a set number of visits in a month.

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