Singing Out for Y2K Paranoia

December 28th, 2010 · No Comments ·

Funny way for Pat Boone, the once-wholesome Christian crooner, to rescue his bruised reputation after the dubious 1997 heavy metal album, In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy. Boone is attempting to get back into the family values swing by serving as spokesman for the nonprofit Year 2000 National Education Taskforce, or Y2KNET. Through radio ads and audio tapes, Boone will “educate” American families about the dangers of the Year 2000 bug. “Because the risks of the year 2000 computer rollover will affect every family in America,” Boone warns, “I want to help bring Y2K to the family dinner table for dialogue.”

While Boone said he didn’t want people to “panic,” about the looming computer glitch, Y2KNET seems to want folks flustered just enough to invest in “tangibles” like gold coins. “Virtually every Y2K expert is in agreement that gold coins are the perfect Y2K financial shelter,” chirps the Task Force’s Website. It would: Y2KNET was founded by coin specialists Swiss America Trading Corporation and the Y2KNet site links to Swiss America, an organization designed to provide viable financial alternatives to those concerned about international monetary instability. Translation: Buy gold.

Maybe Boone should title his next album, In a Mercenary Mood….

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