Trisha’s Journal: Week Nine. Part 2

June 22nd, 2012 · No Comments ·

Congratulations on losing 2 more pounds! You are making consistent progress.

Sometimes blood sugar levels are affected by factors other than your diet. For example, blood sugar runs higher when you are sick or have an infection. Do you have problems with allergies this time of year? You did mention you are tired — that could be because of the higher blood sugar or the cause of it.

Anyway, you could embark on another method of tracking your food, if you accept the challenge. I think it might give you some insight into your blood-sugar fluctuations. It’s called carbohydrate counting.

There are two ways to do this. The first is the use your “Book of Food Counts,” and look for the carbohydrate column of each food that you eat, instead of, or in addition to, fat. Secondly, you can use the food grouping or exchange system, with the following values. Each serving of each group gives you:

milk: 15 grams
starch: 15 grams
fruit: 15 grams
vegetables: 5 grams
You should limit your carbohydrates to about 175 grams a day. We can adjust this either way, depending on your blood sugar. Also, you need to distribute it evenly throughout the day.

Can you try this for a couple of weeks? You can keep counting fat grams, or if it is too complicated, stop counting fat grams for a while.

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