Trisha’s Journal: Week Nine. Part 3

June 22nd, 2012 · No Comments ·

It looks like you got in a very good week of exercise. The fact that you want to get in more sessions is an admirable and worthwhile goal, but the four that you managed is respectable. Nice job.

Glad to hear that you are continuing to lose weight. That’s a strong motivator, I’m sure. You’re making nice progress with your resistance training — just continue to maintain proper form. Aren’t you impressed with how you mastered pushups?

As far as the neighbors stopping you during your walks, try wearing headphones so they don’t interrupt you as readily. You might also try a different walking route, where you don’t know as many people. At the very least, try to politely let them know that you need to keep walking — it makes the effort so much more effective.

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