What Do You Think of Men With Long Hair?

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“I think men with long hair are cool. They beat women who cross-dress and grow facial hair.” -Ian de Souza.

“Disgusting, gross, n its doesn’t cost much to get a haircut.” -Tanya Chacko.

“That depends on what kinda face he has.” -Sandeep Malpani.

“Gays…all of them!” -Akshay Pratap Singh Deo.

“They suck!” -Priti Patnaik.

“Koooool.” – Jatin Babani.

“They look pathetic.” -Neha.

“They look old-fashioned.” -Shilpa Rao.

“They look chakkafied!” -Meghna Rao.

“They look bad!” -Mrudulatha Devdas.

“That don’t impress me much!” -Rajat Kapoor.

“Looks sexy on some & horrible on others.” -Nitya.

“It depends on the guy who wears it…but most of the time it looks stupid.” -Elton Fernandez.

“Girls have cut it short and men have grown it long…so it’s kinda okay.” -Abhishek Jaiswal.

“I don’t like men with long hair…it looks so horrible. Long hair is meant for girls!” -Vidhu Jain.

“Depends! Long hair where? Actually it looks good on some…guess it depends on the face-cut.” -Priti Philip.

“I’d say they have a lot of patience…shampooing, conditioning, trimming, blah blah…they deserve at least an ounce of appreciation for that and for daring to differ. But then it suits only a handful.” -Aparna Rajesham.

“I think they are very sexy – depending on the way they carry themselves.” – Divya Bharath.

My journey began nineteen years ago, since then life has changed a hell of a lot….. for the worse, and thats putting it lightly.

Every man is being scrutininzed, and his every action criticized. We aren’t rapists or murderers, so why are we being persecuted?? What the hell is going on??If the world is full of angels then hell would be out of business! Everybody wants to mould angels. Why the hell can’t people be the way they want to be? If it wasn’t for the bad, then the world would be really boring, and life wouldn’t be an adventure. There would be nothing to complain about.

So, I personally think the bad should be allowed to live the way they want to provided they don’t corrupt the good. This seems to be a dangerous proposition, but why should it? After all didn’t somebody say that “GOOD ALWAYS TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL”.

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